• Crowding in Soul Food

    Crowding in Soul Food

    The next instalment in our series of Gentle Nutrition and foods to crowd-in for health might surprise you, but I believe it is essential. By soul foods, I mean those foods that may not necessarily be health approved but that make your soul sing. These are the chocolate cakes on your child’s birthdays, the fish and chips with your family on the beach or a decadent...
  • An Introduction to Gentle Nutrition

    An Introduction to Gentle Nutrition

    There are so many “rules” out there when it comes to Nutrition. Everywhere you look, people are telling you to stop eating this or start eating that. They have created so many of these rules that I’m pretty sure there isn’t a food on the planet that hasn’t been deemed dangerous at some point on the world-wide-web. So what’s a person to do? I...
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