• Gentle Nutrition Meal Inspiration – Week 1

    Gentle Nutrition Meal Inspiration – Week 1

    Weekly meal planning can make life really easy and it’s a great form of self care. The meals in this guide will support you in feeling satisfied, nourished, and full of energy. All of the meals are designed to be easy to prepare, budget-friendly, and are ideal whether you live alone or cook for your entire family. These meals are designed to inspire ideas...
  • Homemade Cream Eggs for Easter

    Homemade Cream Eggs for Easter

    Easter soul food … I used to love cream eggs!  Today though, I find them a bit too sweet and would rather some fine dark chocolate instead (honestly). There’s nothing morally wrong with cream eggs, if you love them, but if you find them too sweet too, or have some health concerns here’s a recipe that might do the trick: Homemade Cream Easter Eggs Ingredients...
  • Getting Started with Mindful Eating

    Getting Started with Mindful Eating

    If you’ve ever been to a proper wine tasting you know there’s more to it than simply swilling it back. That
  • Essential Protein | Crowding In

    Essential Protein

    As part of this series on CROWDING IN we’ve learned how a focus on getting more of the good stuff rather than restriction is key, when it comes to sustainable health. We’ve begun by looking at a variety of ways to crowd in more fibre, vitamins and minerals with veggies and fruit , and today I want to talk to you about protein; why...
  • Love From Within

    Love From Within

    As part of our Gentle Nutrition series, we’ve been introduced to the ‘crowding-in’ theory and crowded-in all sorts of different foods necessary to make us happy and healthy. We’ve crowded-in veggies, protein, healthy fats and fibre and today, I want to crowd in all those amazing microorganisms that populate and feed our gut. When I say THE GUT I’m essentially referring to the whole of our digestive system. It starts in the mouth and...
  • Crowding In [ Gentle Nutrition ]

    Crowding In [ Gentle Nutrition ]

    We all have our own personal (and usually quite long) lists of foods that we avoid because of this reason or that. We’re told by both the media and professionals that certain foods are harmful and we need to QUIT them, pronto. Unfortunately, when we focus on quitting certain foods the same scenario often happens. When we tell someone they can’t have something that...
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