Finding Gratitude

Finding Gratitude

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Simple Ideas That Can Change Your Life

Improve your life or the life of a family, friend, or coworker, through conscious changes and environmental awareness to see more, enjoy more, and appreciate more!

Written by Rebekah Lipp and Nicole Perry
Founders of AwesoME Inc.

Being grateful helps us to flip negatives into positives and obtain the insight to learn lessons, give love, and perform acts of kindness, to name just a few. the secret to harnessing this powerful feeling is simple: practice.

Just like with a muscle, the more you train it, the stronger it becomes. Using gratitude helps strengthen our brains to seek out the good and, in turn, raise our levels of happiness. to help teach this life-changing concept - as well as the power of positive thinking - authors Rebekah Lipp (Bex) and Nicole Perry (Nicky) have compiled over 75 often overlooked daily moments and created simple prompts and reminders to help inspire, find, communicate, and apply gratitude each day. Paired with inspiring artwork, beautiful photography and quotes, as well as easy-to-digest research, you will soon see that you do not need to change your world to be happier, but rather simply change your mind, and gratitude helps you do just that!

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