• How to Practice Gratitude

    How to Practice Gratitude

    The habit of being grateful starts with appreciating every good thing in life and recognising that there is nothing too small
  • 23 Benefits of Using a Gratitude Journal

    23 Benefits of Using a Gratitude Journal

    There are just so many benefits of using a gratitude journal that I can’t possibly mention them all in one go. I love learning about new research that shows how gratitude can do this or that BUT as with any research, it always sits much better with me if I know personally, or know of someone who can vouch for it personally as well. This...
  • Seek and You Will Find

    Seek and You Will Find

    Hi AwesoMErs, When you close your eyes and look out over your inner world what do you see? I’m predicting that many of you would find it pretty easy to identify the mistakes made, the wrongs not righted, the financial and material goals not obtained, the relationships and friendships that aren’t quite right… yes? Did you know that you’re programmed to think that way?...
  • Crowding in Soul Food

    Crowding in Soul Food

    The next instalment in our series of Gentle Nutrition and foods to crowd-in for health might surprise you, but I believe it is essential. By soul foods, I mean those foods that may not necessarily be health approved but that make your soul sing. These are the chocolate cakes on your child’s birthdays, the fish and chips with your family on the beach or a decadent...
  • Create Stronger Connections with Gratitude

    Create Stronger Connections with Gratitude

    Connecting with others, especially loved ones, comes with endless benefits, the most important being bringing more meaning to your own life
  • How Gratitude Transformed My Life

    How Gratitude Transformed My Life

    Yes, gratitude has literally transformed my life! How? Well, I used to be a very negative person. I was very judgmental and would nearly always jump to the worst-case scenarios in my head and then ruminate on them. Do you do that? I would think people were saying bad things about me. I would make assumptions about the things people did and said. Mostly...
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