• Can Discipline Really Equal Power?

    Can Discipline Really Equal Power?

    Most of us view discipline in a negative way, we get taken back to that time in primary school when our Mum’s thought it would be great to sign us up for the Māori culture group, because “we’d learn a bit of discipline”. But for us that meant holding our poi’s out until our arms felt like they were going to fall off, not...
  • Am I Suffering from Anxiety and Not Even Know It?

    Am I Suffering from Anxiety and Not Even Know It?

    There’s a term used in FACT (focussed acceptance and commitment therapy), which states that the diagnosis is the distraction. I quite like this because it moves away from the medical model which can sometimes suffocate the air in a GP practice. If we can move away from anxiety being called anxiety and refer to it as the effect that it is having on us,...
  • Gentle Nutrition Meal Inspiration – Week 2

    Gentle Nutrition Meal Inspiration – Week 2

    Weekly meal planning can make life really easy and it’s a great form of self care. The meals in this guide will support you in feeling satisfied, nourished, and full of energy. All of the meals are designed to be easy to prepare, budget-friendly, and are ideal whether you live alone or cook for your entire family. These meals are designed to inspire ideas...
  • Meditation Made Easy

    Meditation Made Easy

    Chances are you have recently looked at a celebrity, work colleague or fellow parent and wondered how the heck they always appear happy and together. Many of the most successful and “put together” people you will meet regularly MEDITATE . It’s no longer considered a practice only adhered to by monks, but rather a scientifically proven way to look after your well-being. However, all...
  • Move Fast

    Move Fast

    When was the last time you moved? I mean really moved – in the heart pounding, chest heaving, sweaty kind of way. For some of you exercise might be part of your regular daily or weekly practice, for others it might be less so – and the reasons why might be many and valid. While pounding the pavement for hours might not be realistic...
  • A Year of Resilience

    A Year of Resilience

    What a privilege! Hi AwesoMErs, I am pretty excited and honoured to be invited to share my knowledge with you around the topic of resilience. I’m a registered Educational Psychologist who has worked in special education with the Ministry of Education, with serving personnel and their families in the New Zealand Defence Force, and assessing children’s cognitive and academic functioning in private practice. It...
  • Crowding-in Fats that Fuel [ Gentle Nutrition ]

    Crowding-in Fats that Fuel [ Gentle Nutrition ]

    I can vividly remember being a young girl on Weight Watchers happily munching on lollies to my heart’s content because they were fat-free. Times have certainly changed, and while I don’t believe that sugar needs to be our next scapegoat, it’s important that we realise that fat is back, and is super important for healthy bodies. Personally, I think a lot of the fat...
  • Carbs – Are They Good or Bad?

    Carbs – Are They Good or Bad?

    There’s a lot of debate in the ‘nutrition’ world when it comes to carbs. Everywhere you look carbs are branded as
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