Resilient Kids Toolkit (age 5-12)
Perfect for the child who gets overwhelmed easily, struggles with self-confidence and needs help to focus on what really matters. Get an instant 20% off + a free gift when you purchase these bundled products. Combine these FOUR fabulous kids...
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I Am ME - Mindset Toolkit (16+)
Perfect for focusing on your personal or business goals, building a positive mindset, creating new habits and practicing gratitude. Get an instant 20% off + a free gift. Combine these FIVE amazing resources in one discounted bundle to help you achieve...
$100.80 $79.95
Relax ME - Self-Care Toolkit (16+)
YOU deserve to be spoiled every day! This Self-Care Toolkit is perfect for you or as a gift. Get these awesome resources in one discounted bundle to practice a little self-care, learn to be more mindful, while also building resilience and boosting...
$135.00 $99.95
Well ME Toolkit (16+)
Unlock Your Potential to Thrive with the Well ME Toolkit In your quest for personal transformation and well-being, the Well ME Toolkit is your starting point. It's the key to unlocking your full potential and embracing a life of thriving...
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Mum's Unwind ME Toolkit
$80.40 from $63.95
Mum's Unwind ME Toolkit
Mums deserve to be spoiled every day! Get these FOUR fabulous resources in one discounted bundle to build resilience and boost happiness. Includes: 1 x Resilient ME® Gratitude Journal - Breathe 1 x Positive Affirmation Card Set with Bonus Card Stand 1 x Le'Esscience Oil...
$80.40 from $63.95
Resilient ME Toolkit (16+)
The perfect toolkit if you need help to reframe your thought patterns, focus on your strengths and to build a positive mindset. Get an instant 20% off + a free gift. Combine these FOUR amazing resources in one discounted bundle to...
$74.85 $57.95
Mindful Teen - Self-Care Toolkit (13+)
Being a teen is stressful! Learn how to slow down, be in the moment and how to use simple daily actions to deal with stress and overwhelming emotions. The ultimate gift to help teens incorporate mindfulness into their lives. Receive an...
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Calm Kids - Self-Care Toolkit (5-12)
The ultimate Calm Kids gift pack. Perfect to teach kids how to manage emotions, be in the moment and foster a positive attitude. Receive an instant 20% off this awesome pre-packed gift box. Contains: Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Kids...
$110.00 $87.95
Resilient Teen Toolkit (12+)
Perfect for the teen struggling with their inner thoughts, self-esteem, confidence and motivation. Get an instant 20% off + a free gift. Combine these FIVE amazing resources in one discounted bundle to help your teen build resilience, develop a growth mindset,...
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Resilient Family Toolkits - Choose 1, 2 or 3 Kids Journals
The ultimate family toolkit to help your kids manage their meltdowns and focus on what really matters, so you can have a calmer, happier home and grow stronger together. Get an instant 20-35% off + free gifts. The Resilient Family...
$112.80 from $89.95
Resilient Classroom Toolkits - Choose 25 or 30 Kids Journals
The perfect classroom toolkit to build self-confidence, empathy and kindness. Focus on what is going right, your strengths and what really matters. Grow stronger together and take an instant 50% off + free gifts! The Resilient Classroom Toolkit contains fun, highly interactive and effective tools...
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The Resilience Toolkit eCourse
Start your RESILIENCE JOURNEY today! A fabulous 12 Module Resilience Programme that’s easy to follow and based on the best psychological research out there at the moment. When you purchase this product you will get immediate access to download The...
Resilient ME Activities for Kids - Digital Bundle (age 5-12)
Get all of the activities from our Resilient ME Gratitude Journal for Kids in one awesome downloadable bundle! Perfect for kids needing to build resilience and boost happiness. Kids can learn how to: 🚀 Regulate HARD emotions 🧠 Foster a...
from $17.95
Affirmation Keyrings - Set of 3
Get all 3 of our uplifting Positive Affirmation Keyrings, designed to spread good vibes wherever you go! With powerful affirmations and quirky designs, these enamel keyrings with black nickel plating and four chains serve as constant reminders of your inner...
$49.85 $39.85
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