66 Reasons to be Grateful

66 Reasons to be Grateful

We live in a world filled, too often, with negative talk and, so when we first start practising gratitude, it can be hard to think of things to be grateful for.

This is the post you can come to when you need a bit of inspiration. When writing down what you are grateful for in your gratitude journal be as specific as possible, for example: “I’m grateful that my legs are strong, and enable me to get out into nature, for long walks to clear my mind” will be much more effective than “I am grateful for my legs.”

Also elaborating in detail about a particular person or thing carries more benefits than a superficial list of many things for which you are grateful. Also think about what your life would be like without certain people or things in it, rather than just focusing on the good stuff. Be grateful that you avoided a negative outcome and don’t take good fortune for granted.

If you find yourself writing the same things that is OK but try to hone in on a different detail each time.

Below are some prompts to help you find some inspiration.

66 Reasons to be Grateful:

  1. Your friends

  2. Your job

  3. Animals or pets

  4. Where you live

  5. Your home

  6. Things in your home

  7. Your body

  8. Transport

  9. The Earth

  10. The Sun

  11. Your parents

  12. Your family

  13. Your children

  14. A cup of tea

  15. Your morning coffee

  16. Quiet moments

  17. Music

  18. Your health

  19. Kindness shown by others

  20. Someone showing gratitude

  21. Being on time

  22. Going on holiday

  23. Being invited somewhere

  24. Being able to go to school or home school

  25. Someone helping you

  26. Love that another person shows you

  27. Your partner

  28. Being able to help others

  29. Food

  30. Water

  31. Books

  32. Blankets to keep you warm

  33. Heaters or fires

  34. Plumbing/Running water

  35. A hot shower

  36. A bed to sleep in

  37. Shoes

  38. Clothing

  39. Your favourite television show or movie

  40. Laughter

  41. Doctors and nurses

  42. Shops

  43. Online shopping

  44. Going out to dinner

  45. Ordering in

  46. Sharing a meal with people you love

  47. A walk on the beach

  48. Walking barefoot on grass

  49. Sunrise or sunset

  50. The Moon

  51. The stars

  52. Getting out in nature

  53. Flowers

  54. Trees

  55. The footpath

  56. Roads

  57. Exercise

  58. Snow

  59. Rain

  60. Sleeping in

  61. The weekend

  62. Days off work

  63. Cuddles

  64. Long talks

  65. Winning something

  66. Feeling happy

The more you practice gratitude, the easier it gets and the by-product of this is happiness.

Gratitude can rewire your brain to think of the good in any situation. It helps you to be more resilient and improves your self-esteem whilst it can also curb depression. I can’t stress enough how important using gratitude is in your daily life. Either by saying what you are grateful for over dinner as a family, or writing in a gratitude journal.

It can change your life, it certainly changed mine.

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