A Guide to Gentle Nutrition by Michelle Yandle
Say goodbye to restrictive diets and the 'rules' of what to eat - reclaim your energy and health with A Guide to Gentle Nutrition by Michelle Yandle. With easy-to-follow recipes and a food and self-care diary, Michelle, a Certified Nutrition Coach, will...
A Guide to Gentle Nutrition by Michelle Yandle [eBook]
DITCH THE DIET and reclaim your energy, confidence & health without giving up the foods you love with A Guide to Gentle Nutrition eBook. There are so many 'rules' out there when it comes to nutrition. Everywhere you look, people...
Gratitude Guide for Teachers [eBook]
In only a few minutes a day you can play a vital role in improving the happiness of your students... Gratitude does more than just make kids feel good. Research has shown that practising gratitude improves mood, mental health and...
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A Diet For Seven Generations by Michelle Yandle
A practical guide to health and wellness with tips on how to put it into action and recipes to make it delicious! Written by The Good Life's Michelle Yandle with foreword by Caryn Zinn PhD Filled with easy to make...
How to Practice Gratitude & Change Your Life eBook (PDF)
A practical guide about how to start a gratitude practice and change your life. Unraveling the mystery of how to be happy may be as simple as unwrapping a gift, particularly if that gift happens to be a gratitude journal....
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Finding Gratitude
Simple Ideas That Can Change Your Life Improve your life or the life of a family, friend, or coworker, through conscious changes and environmental awareness to see more, enjoy more, and appreciate more! Written by Rebekah Lipp and Nicole Perry...
Be and Bloom - Our Nature Within
Be and Bloom is a story of hope, helping children navigate change and understand the important stages required for growth. Human beings like nature, must be patient through each season, knowing that brighter days do come and the beauty in...
Digital Gratitude Journal – You Got This (PDF)
The perfect digital journal to take your gratitude practice anywhere. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS CHANGE YOUR LIFE Research shows that by practising gratitude daily you can not only increase your levels of happiness but also have a positive...
Inspiration Notebooks
"No dream is too big or too loud. If you can imagine it then imagine yourself doing it." Choose from 3 inspiration notebook designs OR purchase the full set of 3 here. Using a journal to record your thoughts and express your...
Set of 3 Inspiration Notebooks
"You are the only one in control of your thoughts, your actions and your life, so make today count." Choose the full set of 3 inspiration notebooks - or buy individually here. Using a journal to record your thoughts and...
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