Healthy Emotions Poster
Emotions are not GOOD or BAD they are all normal and they are all healthy! It is how we manage them that matters. Let the Emotional Warriors help teach your kids self-management skills enabling them to recognise their feelings fast...
I am ME - Inspirational Print - Version 1
"I am... UNIQUE, LOVED, NEEDED, PRECIOUS, AMAZING. I am... ME." This is a mantra I say with my kids as often as possible to remind them how amazing they are, but it is equally good to remind yourself! This is...
Be and Bloom - Our Nature Within
Be and Bloom is a story of hope, helping children navigate change and understand the important stages required for growth. Human beings like nature, must be patient through each season, knowing that brighter days do come and the beauty in...
Kids Poster Bundle
11 Awesome Posters in One Bundle Includes: Focus on the Good (Te reo Māori version included) 25 Ways to Look after you (Te reo Māori version included) I am ME Just Breathe Healthy Emotions 5 x Positive Affirmation Posters + bonus...
Resilient Classroom Toolkits - Choose 25 or 30 Kids Journals
Grow stronger together and take an instant 50% off! The Resilient Classroom Toolkit contains fun, highly interactive and effective tools for the whole class. You and your students will build up the strength and resilience of your class through our awesome gratitude journals for...
Gratitude Guide for Teachers [eBook]
In only a few minutes a day you can play a vital role in improving the happiness of your students... Gratitude does more than just make kids feel good. Research has shown that practising gratitude improves mood, mental health and...
Movie Night Planner (PDF)
Humans have a basic need for social connection, but did you know that the shared experience of an event, holiday, celebration or ritual increases your well-being above and beyond the effects of other types of social connection.   We've create...
40 Ways to Practice Self-care (PDF)
Self-care and learning how to look after yourself when you are feeling down is such an important lesson. The world can feel a little crazy at times and you can easily become overwhelmed with all the pressures put on you by work,...
Resilient Family Toolkit - Bundle 1
Grow stronger as a family... The Resilient Family Toolkit contains fun, highly interactive and effective tools for everyone. You and your kids will build up your family’s strength and resilience through our awesome gratitude journals for kids and adults –...
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