30 Positive Affirmations - Colouring Pages (PDF)
Quiet your mind and give your attention to the here and now while learning the power of controlling your self-talk with these positive affirmation colouring pages. By practicing the way you speak to yourself it can help you to overcome...
Healthy Emotions Poster
Emotions are not GOOD or BAD they are all normal and they are all healthy! It is how we manage them that matters. Let the Emotional Warriors help teach your kids self-management skills enabling them to recognise their feelings fast...
I am ME - Inspirational Print - Version 1
"I am... UNIQUE, LOVED, NEEDED, PRECIOUS, AMAZING. I am... ME." This is a mantra I say with my kids as often as possible to remind them how amazing they are, but it is equally good to remind yourself! This is...
Be and Bloom - Our Nature Within
Be and Bloom is a story of hope, helping children navigate change and understand the important stages required for growth. Human beings like nature, must be patient through each season, knowing that brighter days do come and the beauty in...
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