• Oh! Avocado

    Oh! Avocado

    If you’re like me, the start of the avocado season is a very happy time indeed! Avocados are not only healthy
  • There’s Plenty of Time to Sleep When You’re… Dead?

    There’s Plenty of Time to Sleep When You’re… Dead?

    Sleep really is one massive topic to write about. There were oh so many ways I felt I could propel myself
  • Confessions of a Working Mum

    Confessions of a Working Mum

    I recently read this article online where a mother was trying to say that being a mum isn’t hard work. I’m actually unsure what planet she is on or if she even parents for that matter, because hands down this job is mind-blowingly hard. I think that social media has a lot to answer for. The frequent depiction of mothers keeping their shit together...
  • How to Deal With Toxic People

    How to Deal With Toxic People

    Learning how to deal with toxic people is, I believe, a necessary tool to have in your kitte. Essentially, you are
  • The Gift of Being Present

    The Gift of Being Present

    “It’s all a matter of paying attention, being awake in the present moment and not expecting a huge pay off. The magic in this world seems to work in whispers and small kindnesses” – Christopher de Lint.   With this month’s blog I want to share with you one of the fundamental qualities of mindfulness, PRESENCE. I work with women daily who are physically...
  • Less Clutter, More Meaning

    Less Clutter, More Meaning

    I always seem to be de-cluttering my home. It feels like a type of cleansing for me. It not only cleanses my home but my mind too. It can be overwhelming, so I like to just pick a certain area of my home and just work through that. Step by step my home becomes less and less cluttered and it feels like what is...
  • 5 Reasons To Smile

    5 Reasons To Smile

    Here are 5 Reasons You Need To Smile: 1. Smiling gets others to trust you Smiling is just one visual way that we can suggest to others that we are trustworthy. Genuine smiles send a message that other people can trust and co-operate with us. People who smile are rated higher in both generosity and extraversion and when people share with each other they tend...
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